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    Sober living is an effective aftercare model for those who just completed their rehab program. It’s an environment that staunchly pushes for structure in the form of rules, daily chores, [...]

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    The post-treatment phase of recovery is arguably just as important as when you first entered treatment. In order to sustain your sobriety, you need to continually work at maintaining a [...]

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    Sober living homes function as a form of traditional housing, involving a close-knit group of individuals in recovery. When an individual reaches the end of their rehab program, they might [...]

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    According to results from the recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 60.1% of individuals in the United States above 12 years old have used at least once illicit [...]

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    Dealing with substance abuse and addiction is never a walk in the park. The process is grueling and can be tough on both the individual and their family members. The [...]

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    Sober living homes and halfway houses are two terms commonly thrown around in place of each other. Thanks to a handful of similarities between both, many assume that they mean [...]

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    With a myriad of sober living homes located all across the country, choosing a sober living home you or your loved one isn’t always easy. Despite the many options available [...]

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    Do sober living homes provide value for substance abuse recovery? The answer is a resounding yes, but are there any statistics that can back up these rates of success? Of [...]

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    If you have already gone through the process of rehab and other conventional forms of treatment, there might still be ambiguity on what’s next. A sober living home could be [...]