Is A Sober Living Home The Right Fit For Me?

If you have already gone through the process of rehab and other conventional forms of treatment, there might still be ambiguity on what’s next. A sober living home could be the next stop on your recovery journey, but how will one know if this is the right fit for them? At Palisades Properties, we empathize with many of your trepidations after standard treatment has concluded. In today’s blog, we will be answering many frequently asked questions and offer insight on how a sober living home in Bergen County, NJ could be the right fit.

What Is A Sober Living Home?

The environment in which you previously resided and grew up in, could often be the breeding ground for triggers, relapses, and other deviant behaviors that contribute to illicit drug use. If you are committed to your sobriety, an environment void of temptation and negative influences will be needed for you to establish your own tools for success, especially if you are newly rooted in your recovery journey.

A sober living home will function as a viable alternative for recovering drug and alcohol users, while they work on transitioning back into society. A vast majority of facilities, including ours, will offer our patients the opportunity to receive one-on-one counseling, participate in group meetings, and work on new coping skills that help you stay sober in the outside world. For many, this structure acts as a pillar of strength, keeping them focused on what matters most. And just like inpatient rehab, you will continue to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who share the commonalities of staying clean and leading a healthier life.

Rehab Vs. Sober Living Homes

While there are some parallels between the two programs and environments, inpatient & outpatient treatment almost exclusively focus on treating addiction, whereas sober living acknowledges that residents accomplished the early stages of recovery. Full-on rehab and detox facilities have every reason to only focus on addiction, as everyone in this program is fragile and susceptible to sporadic, physical and emotional setbacks. Sober living home residents have the freedom to come and go as they please. However, there are stringent rules that must be followed, but the freedom is far-reaching. A sober-living community is not engulfed in treating addiction. Their sights are set on relapse prevention.

How Will I Benefit From Admission Into This Environment?

It’s a fair question to pose, but sober living homes provide many benefits that not too many know about. Here are a few that stick out:

#1- Sustained Focus On Recovery

Think of it. An environment that omits outside temptation and is instead built around helping you succeed. A lowered risk of relapse means you will be channeling all of your positive momentum towards the singular goal of sobriety.

#2- No Time Restrictions

Some recovery centers will impose a time limit on how long you can live there. The rule may be well-intentioned, but it also puts pressure on your recovery process. With a sober living home, only you can determine the length of your stay. The idea is to slowly ease back into normality and independence at your pace. If you need or want more time in a sober living environment, you have the luxury of setting this up.

Continuing On The Road To Recovery With Palisades Properties: Sober Living Home In Bergen County NJ

Anyone who is on the path to sobriety but does not yet feel comfortable in regaining complete independence, Palisades Properties has the answer you are looking for! We specialize in healing, recovery, and relapse prevention. Contact us today to learn more about the healing that our sober living home in Bergen County NJ will provide.

Published On: July 28, 2022Categories: Sober Living Homes

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