Reconnecting with Your Loved Ones After Sober Living

Dealing with substance abuse and addiction is never a walk in the park. The process is grueling and can be tough on both the individual and their family members.

The first step to recovery is acknowledging that there is a problem that needs fixing. The second step is getting help, and the final step is reintegration into society at large, this time as a healthy individual.

The changes involved in all these steps might seem easy on paper, but it isn’t so in real life. Acclimatizing into society after all these processes can be tasking, and reconnecting with loved ones can be quite difficult.

Sober living homes try to bridge this gap and make the process a lot easier, but still nothing is ever guaranteed. Below are a few tips that will go a long way in helping you reconnect with your loved ones after a sober living home.

Addiction and the Brain

Addiction is a neurological disease. It is capable of completely rewiring the brain and affecting the core parts that make us who we are. It affects how we think, act, and make basic decisions.

For this reason, it greatly affects how we relate to those around us, even our loved ones. Addiction breaks relationships and turns us against people who love and care about us the most.

Thankfully, relationships can be mended. There is usually a lot of work to be done, but it is indeed possible. Below are some important things to have in mind in your quest to mend your relationships after leaving a sober living home.

Tips for Fixing Broken Relationships as a Newly Sober Individual

Recognizing that Things are Different

First of all, in your journey to reconnect with loved ones after leaving a sober living home, you must recognize that things have indeed changed. Some of the shocking realities that recovering addicts face arise from expectations that everything should still be the same, even as the individuals change.

This is usually false. Things don’t go back to the way they are. Addiction is a very significant event, and everything has been affected. But that is alright. Just because things aren’t what they used to be doesn’t mean things can’t be good.

In fact, they can be better. But the first step is to acknowledge the change and embrace it.

Earning Trust

Addiction takes a toll on our loved ones, and usually one of its most devastating effects is lack of trust. This is understandable. And luckily, trust can be regained.

You shouldn’t just ask for people to trust you, however. You must understand that trust should be earned. Through your actions, your demeanor, your commitment, you can rebuild your relationship with the people you love and earn back their trust.


Thirdly, it is important that you communicate and let the people who love you know how you feel. Your actions will get you over the line, but your communication will set the stage.

Be sincere, make eye contact, listen, and don’t interrupt. All of these make for healthy relationships which is critical for anyone who has just left a sober home

Patience with Resolve

It may take time to rebuild bonds that have been broken, especially with someone who loves us dearly. Someone whom we’ve hurt. But with patience, along with the other tips that we’ve mentioned, you will eventually get there.


Nothing helps build a bond better than commitment. Commitment shows the people who love you that you not only love them back but are willing to do whatever it takes to prove it.

Once people who love you see that you are taking your sobriety seriously, they begin to believe that you really are not the person you used to be. And this is the ultimate recipe to get them to trust you again.

Challenges will come. People will doubt you. Life will throw unexpected situations at you, but you have to stay committed. In times the people who love you will notice, and the bonds you thought were broken forever will be mended right before your eyes.

Find a Sober Living Community in New Jersey

A safe and efficient sober living home prepares you for the challenges of maintaining sobriety and rebuilding relationships with those who love you. If you find yourself or a loved one in need of a safe and structured sober living house in New Jersey, look no further than right here.

At Palisades Properties, we are renowned for our absolute professionalism and attention to detail. We are relentless in our commitment to providing individuals with a peaceful environment where success in recovery and reconnection with loved ones is a priority.

Get in touch with us today to learn more and get started.

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