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Working Full-Time While in Sober Housing

Sober living is an effective aftercare model for those who just completed their rehab program. It’s an environment that staunchly pushes for structure in the form of rules, daily chores, and other fulfilling activities. Chief among the rules in sober housing is working. All residents are expected to seek employment while living in these facilities. Working while in sober housing could be a huge reinforcement for the recovery process, as being active will make patients appreciate their value and contribution to society.

Options for Working while in Sober Housing

The job market is very diverse, and your sober living treatment staff will not pigeonhole you from pursuing something that you are truly passionate about. You will always be encouraged to find jobs that provide you with a sufficient income and give you a renewed sense of purpose each day. Even if your career options are limited at this moment, it doesn’t mean the job you have or will have is of any less value. A majority of residents may want to start off with part-time work and if the company is a good fit, they may increase their hours and eventually become a full-time employee. It’s a process that will take time, especially since you are simultaneously adjusting to the environment and routines of sober home living. The final choice is yours to make. As long as you comply with the other accompanying expectations that have been set aside, you can work as much as you want.

Will I Receive Assistance with Finding Work?

If you entered a sober living home unemployed, don’t assume that you will be automatically cast to the wayside. Anyone that is actively seeking work will be able to get assistance from treatment staff if they truly need it. Typically speaking, if you are admitted while unemployed, you will be given about a month to find work anywhere. You can also take advantage of career-advancing opportunities like updating your resume, partaking in skill training, speaking to a career counselor, using online resources, etc. Rehab staff will provide you with all the tools needed to thrive in your independent living. Working while in sober housing allows you to save money, manage your finances, adjust to a regular schedule, and continue on with therapy.

How to Set Employment Goals

When patients arrive at Palisades Properties’ sober living residence, they are setting goals for their newfound life of sobriety, which includes their short and long-term employment goals. To establish your employment goals, you should discuss the following with your care providers:

  • Discussing your current skill set and how you can build upon it
  • What you are truly passionate about
  • Which industries will best compliment your personality, skill set, and ambition for working
  • Address obstacles that may keep you from achieving your goals 

Finding Your Purpose in Sober Living

Apart from your many daily obligations in sober living, working a job will also build upon the foundation of responsibility, integrity, and commitment to your sobriety. Palisades Properties will be here to help you every step of the way. If you are interested in seeking out our sober living programs, contact us today!

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